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RADO Watches

Authorised retailer for RADO Watches. Rado are a luxury Swiss watch brand, with a fantastic reputation for producing high-quality, reliable and functional timepieces. Rado is a globally recognized brand, who have become one of the leaders in innovation when it comes to materials and design. They have produced some of the worlds most beautiful, and durable, watches over their illustrious history. Purchasing a Rado watch is more than a simple purchase, it is an investment.

The History of Rado Watches

The brand had a modest beginning, in the area of Lengnau, Switzerland in 1917. Set up by three brothers, Fritz, Ernst and Werner in their parents home, the brand was originally known as Schlup & Co, went on to become one of the largest producers of watch movements in the world by the end of the Second World War. The name Rado was adopted during the 50's, which is where the brand began to build the reputation that we know today. Following the release of the iconic Golden Horse, and Green Horse collections in '57 and '58, Rado had become a true international prescience, and could be found in over 60 countries around the world. Heading in to the next decade, Rado began to innovate more and more, setting themselves apart from the competition, with timepieces such as the original DiaStar 1. This was a piece marketed as the first ever scratch- proof watch, and became a huge success for the brand! Throughout the '70s and '80s Rado watches continued to grow in popularity, as they further enhanced their reputation and revolutionized the watchmaking industry. In '72 we saw the DiaStar Gold Edition, and then the Dia 67 in '76! The brands integration of high-tech ceramic furthered their popularity in to the '90s, and allowed them to produce more and more innovative pieces such as the Ceramica which led the way for a whole new generation of timepieces, and still remains a flagship style today. In to the new millennium, Rado hit the ground running and continued to innovate, and introduce brand new materials to their production. This is something that is still seen today, Rado have stayed true to their ways, and are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve the way that watches are created.

The Master of Materials

Thanks to their history of expert innovation and utilization of revolutionary materials, Rado have often been referred to as 'the Master of Materials'! A title that is well deserved, and still relevant today. The brand continue to develop and research new materials that can be used in watch making, to improve the timepiece in every way possible. Whether it is durability, weight, water resistance or colour, Rado have been able to develop state of the art materials to solve these dilemmas. From their extremely popular High-Tech and Plasma High-Tech Ceramic, to Hardmetal and Ceramos, Rado have been able to develop materials and processes for each and every component of the watch! Every single Rado watch comes fitted with Sapphire Crystal glass to ensure the highest level of scratch resistance. Each model is made to the highest specifications, and goes through rigorous testing before leaving the Swiss factory. The brand prides itself on quality and reliability, as well as precision and style too! To read more about 'The Master of Materials' just click here!

About RADO Watches
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