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In exciting news, Aquastar has set sail with the Flagship Benthos 500 Founder’s Edition Chronograph! This muscular new dive watch offers not only a striking visual tribute to the 1970 original but a functional one as well. For over 50 years, th

Aquastar Watches

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The Early Days of Aquastar

Founded in 1962 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Mr. Frédéric Robert, Aquastar embarked on a remarkable journey. Mr. Robert, a diver, sailor, pilot, mathematician, and watchmaker, took over the brand JeanRichard® from his father, transforming it into Aquastar to embody his vision of crafting professional-grade instruments for divers and aquatic activities. Under the guidance of Marc Jasinski, Aquastar achieved remarkable milestones within a decade. Their groundbreaking innovations earned them numerous patents, each leading to the creation of a new member of the Aquastar portfolio. The inner rotating bezel in the model 63, the multiple dive decompression bezel in the Deepstar, the Benthos and the Regate counter, the new crown sealing system and the friction bezel ring, both were incorporated in every Aquastar and finally the regatta counter watches.

The Modern History of Aquastar

Aquastar underwent a series of ownership changes. After Frederic Robert's era, it was acquired by the EREN Group, then sold to the Seinet Brothers in 1982. Marc Seinet, a passionate sailor and watchmaker, aimed to revolutionise watch marketing in collaboration with Hollywood stars. He created the Alain Delon wristwatch and recognised the shift in consumer preferences towards affordable, plastic, and quartz timepieces. Aquastar filed a patent for this new watch type, ushering in a successful era. Mr. Seinet later focused on his passion for sailing, continuing the tradition by producing multiple generations of quartz regatta watches from 1983 to 2018.

Aquastar Today

Aquastar's revival came about through the efforts of Rick Marei, an innovator and disruptor in the Swiss watch industry who has previously brought success to renowned brands like Doxa, Aquadive, Tropic, and ISOfrane. Marei's dive watch-focused plans aligned with Mr. Seinet's regatta watch developments. They discussed new strategies for the brand since 1999. In 2019, they reached an agreement to reboot Aquastar, but Mr. Seinet's involvement shifted to an E-learning concept. The Synchron group acquired the company, including its stock, toolings, spare parts, brand, blueprints, and documents and agreed to serve existing Aquastar customers in the future and relaunched the brand in 2020.

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