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Olivia Burton is a brand that loves taking inspiration from the natural world. In both watches and jewellery, it has proudly made space for itself. The brand’s designs are whimsical, playful and feminine. With recurring floral and nature motifs
Olivia Burton creates timepieces with beautiful unique designs. Most common the brand is known for its floral and pastel designs. Glitter, nature and mother of pearl are at the centre of a lot of the brand’s collections. Unsurprisingly, taking
Olivia Burton
Olivia Burton is a brand founded by two best friends, Jemma and Lesa, who started out with nothing but each other and a shared dream to start their own brand of beautiful watches. As fashion buyers, they’d seen it all before – the same uninspiring styles, over and over again, with nothing pretty, fresh and unique that they truly wanted to wear. That’s when the girls decided to take matters into their own hands – even when others told them not to! But for every no, there’s always a yes just around the corner. They were inspired by the wise words and encouragement from Lesa’s great aunt - the one and only Olivia Burton – and from there the brand was born. Fast forward to now, through a lot of hard work and determination, and you’ll see we’ve come a long way from our first collection which was created around the kitchen table in 2012. Dreamed up in our pretty London studio, we look to vintage, fashion trends and nature to inspire the kind of accessories you won’t find anywhere else. We stand for originality, dedicating ourselves to creating styles as individual as you. And with new pieces arriving every two months, you know you can always count on us for something fresh and exciting that stands apart from the crowd. But it’s not just watches! As well as our innovative timepieces – including our customer-requested Vegan and Eco Friendly collections – our co-founder, Jemma, leads a small but super talented team of designers to create beautifully-made jewellery and accessories to sit perfectly alongside our watches. With plenty more designs, products and dreams on the horizon, the Olivia Burton adventure is only just beginning.

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