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With its innovative, creative and unique designs, Mya Bay is a jewellery brand for the free-spirited and the bold. The brand’s designs are inspired by travel and the seaside. The brand was found in 2012 by Sophie Johnen. She named the company after
Mya Bay Jewellery Banner

Mya Bay Jewellery

Authorised retailer for Mya Bay Jewellery. Mya-Bay are upcoming and trendy with them being new to the scene at First Class Watches. With their vast range of jewellery, the wearer can mix and match a variety of different styles and coloured metals such as silver, gold and rose gold.

Brand History

Mya-Bay is designed and created by Sophie Johnen and the jewellery she makes is a reflection of her own audacious, slightly crazy yet elegant style. Sophie's inspiration to start her brand came from her own roots, her grandmother as she used to give her and all the women in her family ‘saccalava’ bracelets, which are traditional rigid bracelets worn by women from the Indian ocean. This was where Sophie drew inspiration to make and model her first piece of jewellery which was based off the slave bracelet.

Brand Style

All of May Bay's jewellery is designed and made in Belgium however the brand have a large following so they are distributed all over the world. The idea behind many of the designs is dedicated to women having the sense of simplicity mixed with a touch of craziness and style. This style of jewellery is high end which means its perfect for girls who love to express their elegant and sophisticated style without loosing their crazy edge. The good thing about the style of this brand means that it can appeal to a variety off women both of the younger and older generation.

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