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Garmin’s activity watches make a perfect Christmas gift for people from all walks of life, so we have put together the ultimate Garmin gift guide for 2021. The Garmin collection consists of several families of watches that each have unique char
Founded in 1989, Garmin began it’s successful journey focusing on GPS and handheld navigation systems. Over the years, the brand has developed it’s products and expanded expertise in a number of different fields. In 2003, Garmin launched
When you are the best of the best you need a timepiece to match. Garmin’s watches are durable and as a brand it is well known for its outstanding quality and functionality. Over the years Garmin has managed to produce and design watches which meet
Garmin have announced today the release of 4 new variations of its highly successful MARQ luxury collection. The new models are variations of the MARQ Aviator, Driver, Adventurer and Athlete. Garmin’s MARQ Performance watches have received their na
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Garmin MARQ Watches

Authorised retailer for Garmin MARQ Watches. Authentic in every detail, the MARQ Collection integrates revolutionary technology with superior design materials. Each watch is uniquely crafted to be an expression of the owner’s personality, interests and ambitions. The MARQ watch is available in 6 unique variations, all catering to different lifestyles.

Garmin are a technology company who have been especially well known for their development of GPS technology. Garmin wearables have been available since the beginning of the last decade with an especially large collection being developed for running and cycling. These devices have become especially popular as they link Garmin's GPS technology with fitness tracking technology.

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