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Morellato Watches

Authorised retailer for Morellato Watches. Morellato watches come in a wide range of different designs created to represent everyday life. The styles of Morellato watches can represent work, play or somewhere between the two. Morellato started life as a maker of watch straps and this experience can be seen in the beautiful strap designs you can find in this collection. Morellato are also known for producing beautiful design jewellery and take pride in making products which can be described as “jewellery for living”

The History of Morellato Watches

The story of Morellato watches dates all the way back to 1930 when a watch and jewellery workshop was opened by Giulio Morellato. It wasn't long until Giulio became known for producing leather wrist watch straps and beautiful handcrafted jewellery. In the 1990's the company was purchased by Massimo and Marco Carraro – the son's of Guilio's closest colleague over the years. The brothers built on the concept of “jewellery for living” which the company has been built around ever since. Throughout the 2000's the brand has expanded far and wide with stores opening up throughout Italy and beyond. Today you can find Morellato in 45 countries around the world bringing the concept of “jewellery for living” to people all around the world.

Jewellery for Living

The concept of jewellery for living is one that the Morellato brand has brought to the market over the years. This concept is developed through the values of the Morellato brand – quality, know how and innovation alongside the pleasure of beauty and emotion. By putting these values together, Morellato watches are all incredible beautiful yet still practical to wear day to day. Watches like the Morellato Mens Vela Brown Dial Brown Strap Watch and the Morellato Womens Petra Small Stainless Steel Watch demonstrate the incredible beauty that you can find from Morellato watches.

About Morellato Watches
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